FS1’s Sharpe Laments Lorenzo Cain Defending Teammate’s Racist Tweets, Asks Why No White Lawmakers Defended Maxine Waters

After a rough MLB All-Star Game outing Tuesday, people dug up old tweets from Milwaukee Brewers relief pitcher Josh Hader that were racist and anti-homosexual.

Hader apologized for the tweets that were from as far back as seven years ago and teammate Lorenzo Cain came to his defense, saying the lefty is a “great guy” and he will not hold him accountable for tweets when his teammate was young.

During Wednesday’s “Undisputed” on Fox Sports 1, co-host Shannon Sharpe said he “would have a problem” with Hader’s tweets, and questioned why black people are so eager to defend white males when they say or do something offensive when nobody came to Rep. Maxine Waters’ (D-CA) defense after she was met with criticism for encouraging people to harass members of Donald Trump’s administration.

“I got [an] even bigger problem … with Lorenzo Cain,” Sharpe told fellow host Skip Bayless. “Every time a white male says something offensive, does something, a black will run to his defense. Now, Maxine Waters said something a couple weeks ago that people deemed unacceptable. Where is her white colleagues coming to her defense? Not one time! We are a very forgiving people. ‘I forgive you for what you have done’ — that’s what they expect from us. So they’ll keep doing this to us because, ‘They’re going to forgive us.’

He added Hader is not sorry for his tweets, but rather, “He is sorry he got exposed.”

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