WATCH: Madison Bumgarner Angrily Shouts at Max Muncy After Mammoth Home Run

It’s been quite a week for the unwritten rules of baseball. Earlier in the week, the benches cleared in a minor league game after a hitter laid down a bunt to break up a no-hitter. On Sunday, an umpire had to keep Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner from angrily confronting Dodgers 1st baseman Max Muncy after the latter crushed a huge home run shot to Covey Cove.


Tom Brady Says He Dislikes ‘Tom Terrific’ Nickname, Filed Trademark to Block Use

In an interesting twist to a truly bizarre story, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says that he’s seeking the trademark to the nickname “Tom Terrific,” not because he loves it and wants it to only apply to himself. Instead, Brady says he wants it because he dislikes the nickname and wants to ensure that it’s never applied to him again.

Tom Brady

Tony LaRussa Defends Red Sox White House Visit: We Support ‘Our Government’

Much ado was made about all the Red Sox players — and manager — who chose not to attend when the defending World Series champs made their trip to the White House last month. However, not surprisingly, less was made about all the members of the Red Sox organization who were more than happy to visit 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Tony LaRussa

Child Struck by Line Drive at Cubs-Astros Game

HOUSTON (AP) — A young fan at Wednesday night’s game between the Cubs and Astros was struck by a foul ball hit by Albert Almora Jr., shaking up the Chicago center fielder.


Red Sox Icon Bill Buckner Dies at 69

Red Sox Icon Bill Buckner, who secured his part in baseball history, in part, for letting a ball roll through his legs during the 1986 World Series, has died at 69.

Bill Buckner

Jemele Hill: Trump Fulfills the Vision of a Racist President

While some in the media claim that President Donald Trump is trying to bring back “Jim Crow” in America, former ESPN host Jemele Hill has gone even farther back in history to claim that Trump has fulfilled the 150-year-old “racist” vision of former U.S. President Andrew Johnson.

Jemele Hill