Tucker Carlson: War with Iran ‘Will Destroy’ Trump’s Presidency

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson weighed in on a potential conflict with Iran following a sternly worded tweet from President Donald Trump to the nation’s president. He warned Trump that war with Iran would “destroy his presidency.”

“If President Trump decides to go to war with Iran, it will destroy his presidency just as the Iraq war destroyed the presidency of his Republican predecessor George W. Bush,” said Carlson. “Attacking Iran is not like intervening in Libia or Syria or even like invading Iraq. It entails far greater risk and much higher costs.”

Carlson reasoned that Iran has a “formidable” military, while the United States is deep in debt and “far more politically divided than it’s been since the Civil War.” He added the military is “overstretched” enough as it is and China would try to take advantage of that while the U.S. was engaged in war with Iran.

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