Steyer: We Need to Get Rid of ‘Dramatically Reckless, Dangerous and Lawless’ Trump


Friday on MSNBC’s “Live,” billionaire liberal activist Tom Steyer, who has led an impeachment campaign against President Donald Trump in recent months, said Americans needed to “get rid of a dramatically reckless, dangerous and lawless president.”

Steyer said, “We’ve seen evidence of this president’s lawlessness for a long time. What changed this week was the evidence was certified by the American court system. We had his campaign chairman be convicted of eight felony counts, and we had his long-time personal lawyer plead out to eight felony counts and implicate the president in two of those felony crimes. So it’s not that the news is new, because we’ve seen lawlessness from this president on virtually a daily basis, but what is new is the courts are saying  you can take this to the bank, it absolutely happened.”

He added, “I don’t think we can deal with the real issues facing Americans until we get rid of a dramatically reckless, dangerous and lawless president and get on with our lives.”

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