Flake: McCain’s Voice for Civility Was ‘Never More Important’ Than in Trump Era

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) offered his thoughts on the death of Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

Flake said, “His voice was important — has been for years but never more important than the past year. And that’s one thing I expressed to the family, the gratitude of all of us, that they took such great care of John and made sure he was able to speak in these last few months when it was so important. It’s tough to have a voice like that silenced. But this voice for civility, to put you know, the country above your party, these are things that he taught for years and never more important than last year.”

He added, “He said many times that he grew to appreciate his country when he was serving time in another country. And he didn’t fully appreciate what he had until he served as a prisoner of war. I do think that that left an indelible mark. He could have come home and retired right after that. And have served the country so honorably, but we were fortunate to have another 30 or so years where he told us and taught us to put the country above yourself, to serve a cause greater than yourself. And that I think came from his experience in Vietnam and came from what he saw, with the tragedies of war, but he was a lover of freedom and wanted to spread that. And was an advocate to the end of strong American leadership. And never apologizing for America and its values, that’s something that he leaves with us.”

When host Jake Tapper noted that McCain didn’t invite Trump to his funeral flake said, “We’ve certainly needed John McCain’s voice over the past year, and despite the circumstances, we’ve had it. And I think we could do with this kind of approach to politics and we’d do well to remember John McCain and his legacy as we go forward. I know that’s what he would like.”

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