Schmidt: Op-Ed Writer Has an ‘Obligation to the Country’ to ‘Come Forward’ In ‘This Moment of Crisis’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” campaign strategist for former President George W. Bush and Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) Steve Schmidt said the senior White House official who wrote The New York Times op-ed critical of President Donald Trump “must come forward into the light.”

Schmidt said, “The first thing I would like to say as someone in the resistance on the outside is thank you. And it is nice to hear from you. But it is not enough. We are in an hour of national emergency in this country. That is evidenced by the president’s behavior and erratic behavior that we see in public every day. By the account of this op-ed and of course by Bob Woodward’s book, a journalist of the highest standards and reputation who has distinguished himself over a lifetime of meticulous reporting about how the powerful act. ”

He continued, “We know that this administration is vile, corrupt, and likely criminal. We know that this president is amoral. That he is mentally and intellectually unfit for his office. What I would say back to the author of this op-ed, is that this resistance inside the administration, whomever they are, must now gather. And one of them, the best of them, the toughest, the hardest, the most credible must come forward into the light. They must take the full step and tell the American people the truth. The American people deserve to know. We are a nation, and this vile, immoral, corrupt, indecent dangerous intellectually unfit president is a danger to all of us. and they have an obligation to the country to the constitution, to every American patriot from Nathan Hale and on. who said,  Nathan Hale  ‘I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country.’ We are just asking them to come forward and tell the truth. The truth in a moment of crisis. The crisis is the political cowardliness in the country, acute in the Republican Party where not one person will step forward and say enough is enough, which is assaults on objective truth on the rule of law, a liberal democracy. Enough is enough with his fetishizing autocratic dictators around the world with assaulting our allies, enough.  Who will step forward? that question now is foremost in my mind reading this? We need someone in the public, to tell the truth.”

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