Chris Christie Battles NYT’s Michelle Goldberg: ‘You Have No Respect for the President’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” the roundtable debate got heated between former governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) and New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg.

Michelle Goldberg said, “You hear it over and over again that people who agree with Trump’s agenda that he is unfit, that his instability puts us in danger and that they feel like they have to be there to be the adults in the room. I honestly don’t understand how people can be part of this and not feel shame and not feel some responsibility for foisting this on this nation.”

Christie said, “Let me tell you, the idea that someone should be shamed for working in this administration is an outrageous statement. It’s an absolutely outrageous statement. You’re serving your country. And if you get to the point, you have two choices, if you get to the point where the policy differences or the personal differences are profound enough that you can’t be proud of being there anymore, then get up and leave. But don’t be a coward and write an anonymous thing and then have a news organization be willing to accept that kind of cowardice, because that’s what it is.”

Goldberg responded, “Well look, the news organization is not responsible for making sure that members of the administration behave honorably. If members of the administration are behaving dishonorably enough to go out and place op-eds like that, that itself is news. But the fact is, and obviously, you know this, nobody in this administration, or the number of people in this administration who have any respect for the president is infinitesimal, which is why it’s been so hard–”

Christie interjected, “That’s just not true.”

Goldberg continued, “Which is why it’s been so hard to narrow down who wrote this in the first place.”

Christie said, “That’s your opinion, that’s just not true. That’s just not true. From where you sit, you have no respect for the president, that’s obvious.”

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