Avenatti: My Client Is Willing to Testify on Kavanaugh Gang Rape Allegations

Wednesday on ABC’s “The View,” attorney Michael Avenatti called in to discuss his client Julie Swetnick’s allegations against Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Avenatti said, “Moments ago, we sent a sworn declaration under penalty of perjury signed by my client, Julie Swetnick, detailing her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge and others relating to the early ’80s and what she observed and witnessed, as well as what transpired to her during that time period. We have asked the committee, as we did days ago, to launch a formal FBI investigation. My client is ready to meet with FBI agents to disclose what she knows in detail. We have also offered that she’ll take a polygraph exam if Brett Kavanaugh will take a polygraph exam. And let me also say that I’m looking forward to anyone attempting to challenge the credibility of my client, because she is absolutely credible. She is a very brave woman, and in fact, she has also obtained multiple security clearances issued by the U.S. government over many, many years.”

He continued, “If you read further in the declaration, are far more specific relating to Brett Kavanaugh’s conduct toward women in general, including the attempts to drug women by placing grain alcohol and/or drugs in the punch of many of these parties. Many of these women ended up gang raped, unfortunately. The details are specific. They are shocking. But above all else they are true. And my client stands behind them 100%, and she’s looking forward to having an opportunity to meet with one or more FBI agents hopefully, and describe what happened, and she’s also prepared to testify, if she’s permitted to do so, to the U.S. Senate. But under no circumstances should Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court until these allegations and others are vetted and all of the facts and the truth are known. You know, Brett Kavanaugh went on Fox a couple days ago and he stated that he wanted an opportunity to be heard. Well, he’s had an opportunity to be heard. He can certainly have an opportunity to be heard further by the FBI and others. I want my client to have an opportunity to be heard. I want Dr. Ford to have an opportunity to be heard. And I want the corroborating witnesses to have an opportunity to be heard.”

He added, “She is willing to testify. Again, she’s willing to meet with the FBI forthwith immediately to describe what she witnessed. She’s prepared to provide additional corroborating witnesses’ names to the FBI associated with that investigation, and we’re hopeful that the committee is going to respond immediately by calling for an FBI investigation so that all of these allegations can be properly vetted and the truth can be known.”

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