Cotton on Kavanaugh-Ford: ‘The Schumer Political Operation Was Behind This From the Very Beginning’

Tuesday on the Hugh Hewitt’s nationally syndicated radio show,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) discussed the leak of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s letter alleging sexual misconduct by Brett Kavanaugh over 30 years ago.

Hewitt asked Cotton if he believed there was something behind the timing of Ford’s letter, which was sent in July and leaked just days before the Senate Judiciary Committee planned to vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, which the Arkansas senator affirmed.

“Hugh, I believe the Schumer political operation was behind this from the very beginning,” replied Cotton. “We learned last week that a woman named Monica McLean was Ms. Ford’s roommate, and she was one of the so-called beach friends who encouraged Ms. Ford to go to Dianne Feinstein and the partisan Democrats on the Judiciary Committee. Well, it just turns out, it just so happens that Monica McLean worked for a Preet Bharara, the former U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, now a virulent anti-Trump critic on television and former counsel to Chuck Schumer.”

He continued, “So, I strongly suspect that Chuck Schumer’s political operation knew about Ms. Ford’s allegations as far back as July and manipulated the process all along to include taking advantage of Ms. Ford’s confidences and directing her towards left-wing lawyers who apparently may have violated the D.C. code of legal ethics and perhaps may face their own investigation by the D.C. Bar.”

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