Meghan McCain: Trump’s Birthright Citizenship Executive Order Is ‘Irrational,’ ‘Fear-Mongering’

Tuesday on ABC’s “The View,” co-host Meghan McCain called President Donald Trump’s proposal to end birthright citizenship via executive action “fear-mongering.”

McCain said, “Most Conservatives that I know and my husband being at the top of this, are very strict Constitutionalists and amending it would be a really big thing. In the past, it has done things like abolished slavery and given women if the right to vote. It’s an extremely big deal to even put this out in the ether.”

She continued, “This is a stereotype that people on the left want open borders and don’t care about national security and people on the right are heartless and don’t want anyone to come here at all. Most American meet somewhere in the middle when we talk about Dreamers and things like that. I just had so wished we would be so further along than this, because using this as a siren song as you eloquently put, Abby, to make voters care about the midterm election. This fear-mongering, It’s very effective. It’s irrational, but it’s very effective.”

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