CNN’s Camerota: Trump ‘Using Some of the Same Language’ as Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooter

CNN “New Day” co-host Alisyn Camerota on Wednesday accused President Donald Trump of “using some of the same language” as the Tree of Life Synagogue shooter by referring to the migrant caravan as an “invasion” in a tweet this week.

The shooter wrote on social media a week before his attack that he liked to see migrants referred to as “invaders.”

“Midterm messaging, we’ll start with from the president,” Camerota said. “So, he seems to be zeroing in on the two pillars of the media, continuing his vitriolic attacks against the media, and migrants, continuing to, in fact, ratchet up the language about them and frankly, I mean, I have to say it, using some of the same language that the mass murderer at the synagogue used in terms of invaders and invasion.”

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