Monica Lewinsky Says She Contemplated Suicide — ‘I Felt So Much Guilt, and I Was Terrified’

Wednesday, ABC’s “Good Morning America” aired an interview with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, who opened up about her affair with former President Bill Clinton.

Lewinsky detailed how to avoid charges, she had to cooperate with the FBI.

“In order to cooperate and avoid charges, I would have to make monitored phone calls which they would listen to and record, and I might have to wear a wire and go see people actually in person,” Lewinsky recalled. “The ground completely crumbled in that moment. I felt so much guilt, and I was terrified.”

Lewinsky said she felt so guilty that she contemplated killing herself by jumping out of a window.

She stated, “I felt terrible. I was scared, and I was mortified, and I was afraid of what it was going to do to my family. I still was in love with Bill at the time, so I just felt really responsible.”

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