Seahawks WR Doug Baldwin: ‘What Kaepernick Is Doing Is Way More Important Than the Business Side of the NFL’

On Wednesday’s “Rich Eisen Show,” Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Doug Baldwin discussed activist quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

Baldwin said Kaepernick “would love” to still be playing in the NFL, but suggested his “calling and what he’s doing now is so much greater than the sport.”

“He’s doing some things that are very strong in our community and our society,” Baldwin said of Kaepernick. “He’s obviously getting a lot of backlash for it, getting a lot of praise for it, and he’s in a dangerous situation because when you put yourself out there like that, you seek a lot of attention — both the good and the bad.”

He continued, “I know that he would probably love to play football, as we all enjoy playing it as young men in this game still being able to live out our childhood dream. I’m sure he would love to play the game, but I think that his calling and what he’s doing now is so much greater than the sport. And the lasting impact that he’s going to be able to leave and create, you know if he continues to do so in a positive way, will be far greater than any legacy he could leave on the football field.”

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