Andrew Napolitano: Cohen Memo Suggests Prosecutors May Indict Trump

Monday on Fox News Channel’s “Newsroom,” network legal analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano said a court filing regarding Michael Cohen meant federal prosecutors might indict President Donald Trump.

Napolitano said, “This is the Southern District of New York. This is the oldest and most prestigious federal prosecutors’ office in the country. They would not make an allegation like that if they did not have corroborated evidence to support it. And they cannot make an allegation like that unless they’re going to do something with it.”

He added, “The Justice Department has all kinds of rules and regulations. They have three legal opinions on whether a sitting president can be indicted. Two say no, and one says yes. But all three agree that if the statute of limitations is about to expire, then the government needs to do something to stop the running of the statute of limitations, which would mean a secret indictment, about which the public doesn’t know.”

(h/t The Hill)

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