Carl Bernstein: ‘Evidence Suggests’ Trump Is Putin’s ‘Pawn’

Monday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” network political analyst and veteran reporter Carl Bernstein accused President Donald Trump of being the “pawn” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Bernstein said, “This president has at every turn tried to stiff, demean, and undermine and bury the Mueller investigation. And he continues to do so. The real question, two real questions; one, Director Clapper got to the question  ofbeing a pawn. The evidence suggests, indeed, Trump is, has been a pawn of the Russians, of Putin. And the tbig question is witting, unwitting, half witting? Mueller, perhaps, will tell us in his narrative which it is. But it seems pretty definite.”

He added, “There are many lawyers in the joint defense agreement who are representing clients in the White House who agree that the president is a pawn of Putin. Why has he lied? That’s what they ask. Why has he lied at every turn? Why have members of his family lied at every turn? Why have his aides Flynn, Manafort, Gates, on down the line originally lied whenever they’re asked about Russia? And also the question of his business interests which Mueller has been looking at and which I suspect are going to be key to why, perhaps, he is so sensitive to what happens with Putin and questions of Russia.”

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