WH Spox Schlapp: ‘We Need Congress to Finish Its Job,’ ‘That’s What We Want to See First’

On Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live,” White House Director of Strategic Communications Mercedes Schlapp stated that the White House needs “Congress to finish its job” on immigration, and Congress coming up with a deal is “what we want to see first.”

Schlapp said, “[W]e have to think about this in a way that, the president, at this point, is letting Congress do its job. We’ve always asked for a legislative fix. We’ve always wanted to close the legal loopholes, making sure that our Border Patrol agents have the authority to retain, remove illegal immigrants from coming into this country and pushing forward a legal immigration process. … And this president is saying, okay, Congress, it’s your turn. Negotiate, let’s come up with a deal. That’s what we want to see first. But –.”

Host Hallie Jackson then stated, “What it sounds like you’re saying to me though then is, we should not expect the president tonight to declare a national emergency if he does want to let Congress have time to finish their job.”

Schlapp responded, “That’s right. We need Congress to finish its job, and — but the president is looking at other options, and has the legal authority to do so.”

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