MSNBC’s Butler: Trump and Whitaker Have ‘Probably’ Had ‘Many’ Conversations About Mueller

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” MSNBC Legal Analyst and former federal prosecutor Paul Butler stated that there have “probably” been multiple conversations between President Trump and Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker about the Mueller probe.

Butler said, “We should not believe Whitaker. Because, one, his answers were shifty and evasive. Two, even as acting attorney general, he’s the subject of an FBI investigation reportedly about lies he told about a company that he was involved in that’s been fined millions of dollars. And, as Maya indicated, the only reason he’s AG now is because of his critique of the Mueller investigation. And so, the question is, can we imagine a conversation between Whitaker and Trump that goes like, yo, man, this is just between you and I. We want to talk about the Russia investigation and Mueller, but on the down-low. If anybody asks, this never happened. Given what we know about the character and the records of both Trump and Whitaker, that kind of conversation is not only possible, it’s probably happened many times.”

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