Sen. Rick Scott: Trump Had No Other ‘Choice’ Than to Declare National Emergency

Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) on Tuesday voiced his disappointment with the Democrats for forcing President Donald Trump’s hand in declaring a national emergency at the southern border.

Scott said in his Fox News Channel interview that he learned while visiting the border that Border Patrol needed more agents, technology and barriers, but lamented that the Democrats refused to work with Trump.

“I went down to the border, talked to Border Patrol a little over a week ago,” stated Scott. “What do they need? They need more agents. They need more technology. The technology is very old. And they need some barriers. The barriers where they need is to get operational control for people coming across. That’s what they need.”

He continued, “[T]he Democrats, of course, stopped it. The president didn’t have a choice. His job is to keep our country safe. So, is it the first thing everybody wants to do to have the president declare an emergency? No, but he’s got to secure our border. He has got to do this to keep us all safe.”

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