Border Wall

WATCH: Migrants Scale Federal Walls at Opposite Ends of Texas Border

Videos provided by the Texas Department of Public Safety show migrants breaching federal border walls at opposite ends of the state’s border with Mexico. In El Paso, migrants became aggressive when confronted by Border Patrol agents. In McAllen, smugglers ferried a ladder across the Rio Grand to scale a border wall.

Border Wall Breaches in El Paso and McAllen (Texas Department of Public Safety)

Veterans Group Works to Close Border Wall Gaps near San Diego

A handful of veterans trekked into the mountains east of San Diego to place concertina wire in small gaps in the border wall to slow the increasing migrant flow from Mexico into the United States. The group of veterans who call themselves “Border Vets” included Kate Monroe, a current candidate for Congress running against Democrat Mike Levin (D-CA) in the race for the state’s 49th District.

JACUMBA HOT SPRINGS, CALIFORNIA - DECEMBER 22: Migrants cross through a gap in the US-Mexi