Border Wall

Construction to Begin on Border Barrier in Arizona

Construction is scheduled to begin next week to close gaps in border barriers near the Yuma Morelos Dam Project. It appears the improvements will tie into shipping container barriers put in place by the State of Arizona.

The sun sets behind a gap along the border wall at the Morelos Dam between the US and Mexico in Yuma, Arizona on May 31, 2022. - The stream of impoverished humans flowing into the United States via Mexico runs through the country's public discourse, dividing its politics and coloring …

EXCLUSIVE: Migrant ‘Ladder Crews’ Scale Arizona Border Wall Nightly

A source within Customs and Border Protection notes that multiple groups of migrants are rushing the border wall near Douglas, Arizona, almost nightly. The migrant groups, led by “ladder crews,” rush in numbers greater than 100 at a time. The smugglers prop ladders to clear the steel barrier with hopes of overwhelming the few Border Patrol agents working the area.

YUMA, ARIZONA - DECEMBER 10: A relieved Venezuelan immigrant speaks with his wife on a video call after he passed through a gap in the U.S.-Mexico border wall after having traveled from South America to the United States on December 10, 2021 in Yuma, Arizona. Yuma has seen a surge …

Arizona Governor Closes Gaps in Border Wall

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey began a construction project designed to close some of the gaps in federal border walls. The move follows similar actions taken by Texas Governor Greg Abbott in response to the changes in immigration and border security policies by the Biden Administration.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey ordered construction of physical barriers along the Mexican border to fill gaps left by the Biden administration in fencing. (Video Screenshot/Office of the Arizona Governor)