Donny Deutsch: Trump’s Organization ‘Criminal,’ Did ‘Every White-Collar Crime’ Conceivable

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” network contributor Donny Deutsch said President Donald Trump’s business was “criminal.”

According to the former marketing executive, Trump committed “every white-collar crime you can think of.”

Deutsch said, “I guess maybe why I had a little forward thinking is just because of 20 years of knowing how the Trump organization does business. Watching all these little pieces fall into place. And you step back, and I also go on the premise of law enforcement is all about stopping the next guy from doing it. You know, I said this on your show before, we have a president who’s basically showed up and tried to dump on 200 years of history, separation of powers, the basic tenets of Madisonian Democracy, a free press. So I think these guys — when I say these guys, the Southern District, they want to put him under. I don’t think it’s just of impeachment. I think they want to take this organization apart. And it is a criminal organization. If you just look at the things being bandied about; money laundering, bank fraud, wire fraud, obstruction of justice, campaign finance laws, it goes on and on and on and on.”

He added, “Think about what we’ve seen in public while he’s the president and the nefarious activities. Now imagine as a private citizen with nobody watching, with no oversight, what he is capable of doing, and take the wildest imagination, take every white-collar crime you can think of, to the nth degree. I’m not talking about physical crimes but he, I promise you, this organization will turn it up. And as I said from the beginning, I believe the RICO Act will allow then prosecutors to do what they want.”

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