Meacham on Evangelicals and Trump: Why Are Religious People Putting Faith in This Prince?

Historian Jon Meacham weighed in Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on President Donald Trump’s recent trip to Alabama following deadly tornadoes that took the lives of 23 people.

While in Alabama, the president signed hats and bibles for survivors of the storms and volunteers on hand to help clean up the wreckage.

Meacham questioned why people of faith would put their trust in Trump.

“I think it’s one more thing, which is exhibit 7,000, of why is it that people of great religious faith have, to use the Psalmist, ‘put their trust in this prince?'”

Host Joe Scarborough added, “It is a strange, strange thing that has happened, not in American politics but in American religion, especially among some evangelicals where they have decided to render all of their faith, all of their belief, all of their trust in Caesar and let God take a backseat.”

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