Giuliani: Mueller Report Summary ‘a Complete Exoneration of the President’


While speaking to CNN on Sunday, Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani reacted to the summary of the Mueller report by stating it is “a complete exoneration of the president.”

Giuliani said, “We think it’s a complete exoneration of the president.”

Host Wolf Blitzer asked Giuliani about the summary quoting the special counsel as saying that while the report “does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.”

Giuliani responded, “Yes, but then if you go on to the next two paragraphs, Wolf, the attorney general does kind of a brilliant analysis of it. And he says that he and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein have concluded that the evidence is not sufficient to establish that the president committed obstruction of justice. Then he goes even further, and he points out that, basically, under settled law, it’s almost impossible to have obstruction of justice if there’s no underlying crime, quite a brilliant lawyer-like analysis. And then he concludes with a very strong statement, ‘In cataloging the president’s actions, many of which took place in public view, the report identifies no actions that, in our judgment,’ that’s Rosenstein and Barr, ‘constitute obstructive conduct,’ that is a complete exoneration by the attorney general and Rod Rosenstein.”

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