Sekulow: Mueller Report Is ‘a Very Good Win’

During an interview with MSNBC on Thursday, Trump attorney Jay Sekulow stated that he believes the Mueller report is “a very good win.”

Sekulow said, “[P]age 181, ‘The investigation did not establish that the contacts described in Volume I, [Section IV, supra,]’ that’s the Russian contacts, ‘amounted to an agreement to commit any [substantive] violation of federal criminal law-including foreign-influence and campaign-finance laws[.]’ Yeah, I think it’s a very good win.”

Host Nicolle Wallace asked Sekulow if the White House is planning to release any rebuttals to the report.

Sekulow responded, “Right now, we haven’t decided whether we will need to release anything. My expectation is, right now, we don’t.”

Sekulow later said that he reviewed the report on Tuesday, but did not edit, change, or redact it.

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