Kirsten Gillibrand: Trump Obstructed Justice — We Could Proceed to Impeachment

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said the impeachment of President Donald Trump could begin now based on the findings in special counsel’s Robert Mueller’s report.

When asked if she supported impeachment, Gillibrand said, “I think it’s important to keep that on the table. I think we need a process. What I’m looking for is an unredacted version of the report. I’m looking for testimony from Robert Mueller as well as McGahn and the attorney general. I think it’s really important that the American people get the truth and get all the facts. I think it’s an outrage that this administration tried to change the purpose of the special counsel statute by having the attorney general place himself between the report itself and the American people. First with the summary, second with trying to have a press conference and third with multiple redactions. The Congress must have a fully unredacted copy. Once we have that we can decide whether we must proceed. I think it’s important that we get to the truth.”

She continued, “Having read parts of the report I believe there is a basis for obstruction of justice and to proceed to impeachment proceedings based on what we know. But I would like to have the rest of the report fully known before we proceed and I would like to have the testimony taken. I think what Congressman Nadler has proposed is wise and appropriate. I support that fully.”

She added, “I think it’s important we leave impeachment on the table but I want to have a process to get there. I do want to take this testimony and have the full unredacted report produced to Congress first. Then we can look at all the facts and make an informed decision. For myself, having at least read the unredacted parts, I think there’s numerous basis to find obstruction of justice. Particularly by asking McGahn to fire Mueller, asking him to lie about it and write a memo. There’s three examples of what I would view as obstruction of justice and the basis for obstruction of justice impeachment proceeding.”

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