NYT’s Friedman on Immigration: ‘The Solution Is a High Wall with a Big Gate — But a Smart Gate’

Wednesday on CNN’s “The Situation Room,” New York Times columnist Tom Friedman discussed his recent op-ed about a trip to the U.S.-Mexico border.

In that op-ed, Friedman called for a high wall with a big gate, but a smart gate.

“A big gate, a smart gate and a compassionate gate,” Friedman explained. “I’m as radically pro-immigration as they come. But it’s pretty clear to me that unless we can assure a significant number of Americans that we can control our border, we’re never going to have the proper immigration flow I think we need, we desire, and that we have actually a moral responsibility — given our history as a nation of immigrants and a refuge for people fleeing persecution.”

Friedman, however, did take a dig at White House aide Stephen Miller and Fox News for being “hardliners” on immigration.

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