Scarborough Slams Trump Over ‘Coup’ Remarks — ‘Blood That Is Spilled Is On Your Hands’

Monday, MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough ripped into President Donald Trump, saying his remarks from a Friday speech at the National Rifle Association convention in Indianapolis about FBI special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation being an attempted “coup” is “inciting violence.”

Scarborough accused Trump of having the “blood” of synagogue shooting victims on his hands, as well as the blood from violence against journalists and violence enacted by white nationalists, as a result of his “inflammatory rhetoric.”

“I know you’re trying to stir up hate, and maybe even violence because your words — they certainly go on the border an awful lot,” Scarborough said. “But a coup? That’s just a lie. You know it’s a lie. You know it’s irresponsible. You know it’s just as irresponsible when you say ‘enemy of the people.’”

He added, “We are so far beyond dog whistles. The blood – the blood that is spilled – is on your hands. From white nationalists, from people who listen to that sort of rhetoric. Any violence to journalists, ‘enemy of people.’ The kill list. Yes, let’s go back to the kill list. Your Justice Department let somebody that has a manifesto inspired by white nationalist killers including a guy that slaughtered over 68 children, your attorney general and you let that person walk?”

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