Tom Steyer: Trump ‘Literally’ Obstructing Justice in ‘Front of Our Very Eyes’

Monday on MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” billionaire hedge fund manager and founder of The Need to Impeach political group Tom Steyer accused President Donald Trump of obstructing justice “in front of our very eyes.”

Steyer said, “For a year and a half we’ve said that there is a moral and a democratic imperative to impeach this president, and as a result of the Mueller report, I think that argument is over. I think everybody now realized this president deserves to be impeached. And the question is what are we going to do about it? And what we’re asking for is televised hearings in front of the American people so that we can all see and make up our minds about what happened and what we should do about it.”

He continued,”I think there is a question about how fast the hearings happened and whether they happened. I think that this administration is deliberately stonewalling the Congress on virtually everything. So whereas we’ve said there was obstruction of justice, we’re now watching this administration literally obstruct justice in front of our very eyes. What we want is the American people to see with our own eyes what happened so we can make up our own minds. The fact that the numbers don’t support it right now doesn’t mean that much. Put the facts in front of the American people in televised hearings.”

He added, “Are we going to normalize this kind of corrupt behavior? Are we going to accept as a country, which we know, that this is most corrupt president in history who has clearly obstructed justice and do absolutely nothing about it? Because if we do do that, then we’re making a statement about who we are and how much we respect democracy. And I think that’s a statement that we cannot afford as a country to make.”

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