Steyn: How Can House Dems Get Away with Treating Ben Carson Like He’s ‘Some Shiftless Half-Wit?’

Wednesday on Rush Limbaugh’s nationally syndicated radio show, fill-in host Mark Steyn raised the issues surrounding Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson’s treatment a during a hearing a day earlier by Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee.

Carson did not know what the acronyms OMWI (Office of Minority and Women Inclusion) and REO (real estate owned) stood for and was castigated by Democrats on the committee for it.

“Did you see Ben Carson being hammered by his interrogators on the House, whatever it is, time-wasting, waste-of-time, committee?” Steyn said. “Because he didn’t know the names of certain government acronyms — the great alphabet soup of government acronyms. What was the one, OMWI?”

“And incidentally, I don’t even get how they can get away with this — condescending to the black man,” he continued. “This big House committee treating the black man like he’s some shiftless half-wit who is just shuffled in from doing his meaningless tasks in the yard and doesn’t know any of the big words. They asked him what OMWI was. Do you know what OMWI is? There’s so much — you can pick any letters, and it’s — it’s the Office of Women Minorities and Inclusion, or Minority and Women Inclusion, OMWI. He didn’t know what OMWI is. I think that speaks well for him.”

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