Gaetz: ‘What We Saw from Robert Mueller Was a Drive-By Accusation of Obstruction of Justice’

Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “Lou Dobbs Tonight,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) reacted to Department of Justice special counsel Robert Mueller’s public remarks given earlier in the day.

The Florida Republican called them a “drive-by accusation of obstruction of justice.”

“[T]oday what we saw from Robert Mueller was a drive-by accusation of obstruction of justice that seemed to pivot away from some of the principles that he established in his written report. In Robert Mueller’s written report, he points out that there is legitimate exercise of Article II power the president that would seem to be a logical defense to any obstruction of justice charge. He also pointed out that the president was acting in public, which would seem to disprove any corrupt intent and finally and most importantly, there was no underlying criminal conspiracy with Russia. And so that would undermine any prosecution for obstruction of justice.

“But it seems today that Robert Mueller is unhappy that the American people are opposing impeachment,” Gaetz continued. “He’s trying to prod along the Democrats, and now the Democrats have a real fish or cut bait moment. Will they move on as Robert Mueller has, as House Republicans have and as the president has or will they continue to try to have this circus, this parade in the absence of real policies that can help the American people?”

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