Dem Rep. Cartwright: We Need to Focus on Infrastructure Over Impeachment

Representative Matt Cartwright (D-PA) on Friday stressed the importance Congress focuses on infrastructure over impeachment.

Cartwright said on CNN’s “New Day” that President Donald Trump promised to address infrastructure and the GOP-controlled House failed to do anything.

“Well, you know, the i-word is so important. And it’s coming to the fore right now,” Cartwright told host Alisyn Camerota. “The i-word is something that we all have to start talking about, and that word is infrastructure. It’s not impeachment, it’s infrastructure. You talk about the Democrats in the swing districts, what do we campaign on? We campaigned on better health care, more available health care and cheaper health care. We talked about bringing down the high cost of pharmaceuticals. And we talked about infrastructure — repairing at long last our roads and our bridges and our rail systems and our water systems and our sewer systems and bringing broadband internet to rural areas. We promised those things, and they haven’t been happening. They didn’t happen in the first two years of this current administration when everything was in Republican control. And we’re pushing that now.”

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