MoveOn’s Jean-Pierre: Trump’s ‘Core’ Is Racism, Bigotry, Sexism — He’s an ‘Embarrassment’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Deadline,” senior advisor and national spokeswoman for Karine Jean-Pierre said President Donald Trump’s “core” is about racism, bigotry, sexism.

On Trump’s trip to the United Kingdom, Jean-Pierre said, “He’s just basically an embarrassment. All Americans should feel embarrassed by how this president represents us abroad. It’s about his own interests. It’s never about ours.”

While commenting on Jared Kushner discussing birtherism during an interview with Axios, Jean-Pierre said, “Birtherism was not a long time ago, it was in 2011 that Donald Trump jumped on that bandwagon and the spokesperson for it.”

She continued, “It was like his foray into politics, essentially birtherism, he was testing the waters, and he decided to test it with something so controversial, so hateful, so racist. I mean Michelle Obama was worried for her family.”

She added, “So that was the foray into politics, and with his campaigns it was Mexicans are racist, Mexicans are drug dealers. This is a man who’s been racist for a long, long time. There’s nothing new. The Central Park five, there’s a great Netflix movie out about that explaining that story. Five young boys of color and what did Donald Trump do? He was asking for their execution before they had a trial. So this is Donald Trump, and this is the core of him. This racism, this bigotry, this sexism, it’s the core of who he is and how he runs his presidency.”

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