WaPo’s Robinson: Some Black Men Voted Trump in 2016 Because of His ‘Bling,’ ‘Gangsta’ Attitude

Washington Post columnist and MSNBC commentator Eugene Robinson on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” looked back at the 2016 presidential election and said President Donald Trump had a lot of votes from black men who supported Trump’s “bling” and “gangsta” attitude.

Robinson said black people did not pay attention to Trump until he brought up the “birther thing” with “ridiculous lies” about the first black president.

“Black people started to pay attention to him — not in a good way because he was telling, you know, these ridiculous lies about the first African-American president in a way that sought to delegitimize him,” Robinson stated.
The columnist added that the few black men that did vote for Trump fell for his “faux machismo.”

“He got a few votes from black men last time around. I think he will get fewer,” he predicted. “I don’t know what that is about. It may be a certain sort of faux machismo that he tries to project. It may be all the bling that he so ostentatiously displays in a certain sort of attitude that — that of gangsta that he tries to show … I think it’s over.”

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