MSNBC’s Joy Reid: ‘White Evangelical Christian Voters’ Don’t Care When Trump Violates Everything in the Bible

Sunday on MSNBC’s “Weekends With Alex Witt,” network host Joy Reid accused President Donald Trump’s “white evangelical Christian voters” of not caring “if he’s violating everything in the Bible.”

While discussing Trump tweet, Reid said, “I am. I think others feel they’re getting so much from him that they don’t care what he does. Anything he does is justified. Whether you are a wealthy person, who wants tax cuts or an owner of a big business who gets tax cuts. So you either monetarily you gain from him, or if you’re out religious right, all you care about is taking over the courts. You’ve seen people who call themselves Christian, white evangelical Christians say they don’t care if he’s violating everything in the Bible whether it’s taking care of the rich, the poor, the elderly, the immigrant, they don’t care, as long as they get what they want, that’s all they care about. And there are some who feel the same way.”

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