Dem Rep. Green on Failed Impeachment Vote: ‘The Edmund Pettus Bridge Was Crossed More Than Once Before They Got to Montgomery’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Rep. Al Green (D-TX) reacted to his failed effort to get articles of impeachment passed against President Donald Trump.

Green, a long-time advocate of pursuing the impeachment of Trump, insisted the 332-95 vote defeat wasn’t a “failure.”

“If I may say so, it wasn’t a failure,” he said. “We had 58 votes the first time, 66 the second time, and nearly 100 the third time. And I have said consistently that this is a process. And the process continues. In the Negro National Anthem, we have the words, ‘March on until victory is won.’ We will march on. The Edmund Pettus Bridge was crossed more than once before they got to Montgomery.”

The Texas Democrat said he was still hopeful the impeachment pursuit would ultimately prove to be successful.

“It’s my belief that we will take a moment, and, hopefully, the president will decide that he will not be as inciteful with his rhetoric,” Green added. “Unfortunately, we did see the event last night. And that caused me to have little hope. But I still think we will take some time. And, if appropriate, we will bring additional articles of impeachment. I believe that the Judiciary Committee, at some point, has to do something with the investigation. I don’t believe in paralysis by analysis. So, at some point, if the Judiciary Committee doesn’t act, I will. I have no desire to do this myself. But I do believe that the Constitution ought to be honored.”

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