Dem Rep. Quigley on Mueller Hearing: Americans Will Recognize Something Went Horribly Wrong

During a Friday appearance on CNN’s “New Day,” Rep. Mike Quigley (D-IL) discussed the Democratic strategy heading into next week’s hearing for former FBI special counsel Robert Mueller.

Host Alisyn Camerota asked Quigley what Democrats hope to get out of the hearing, given Mueller and Attorney General Bill Bar have said no charges will be brought against President Donald Trump.

Quigley replied that even though a crime cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, Americans will recognize what Trump did is “horribly wrong.”

“I think first the American people are going to wonder why there aren’t charges especially when it comes to obstruction,” Quigley told Camerota. “And the final point I think the American public also recognizes that just because you can’t prove something beyond a reasonable doubt to be a crime, doesn’t mean it’s not horribly wrong.”

He continued, “At first glance, the American public’s view of this came from the attorney general who grossly misrepresented what took place. And I believe that’s why the special counsel took his eight minutes and said, ‘That’s not what I said. I did not exonerate the president of the United States. I left it to Congress to make up their minds on the obstruction issue.”

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