VIDEO: Footage of Ferrari Driver ‘Escaping Police’ Under Truck Was False

Shocking footage of a Ferrari driver fleeing the police by driving under a truck turned out to be fake news, according to the creator of the original viral video.

The initial video, which was posted last Friday and went viral, showed a Ferrari F430 speeding away from the police by driving through a narrow gap between the wheels of a truck. Meanwhile, the police car with its flashing lights drove past without noticing the vehicle.

The Daily Mail reported that the spectacle, which gained 3.1 million views, took place on a highway in the United Kingdom.

But the graphics artist behind the initial video eventually decided to reveal his secret, and released a video showing how easy it is to make a video of that nature seem real.

Dionisis Sakas, the graphics artist, posted a video on Youtube called, “The truth: Ferrari under truck,” to demonstrate to the public how easy it is to be fooled by computer graphics.

The video showed how hard it is for the naked eye to see how the images of the Ferrari, the truck, and the police car were superimposed on dashcam footage from a bus.

The red Ferrari was placed over the footage of the road to make it appear as it is “driving” before the truck image is placed on top of the Ferrari.

The police car image on the left was inserted so it appears to be driving at a very high speed.

Although the video fooled some people, some social media users picked up on the fact that the police car’s brakes did not light up in the video:


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