Marianne Williamson: Only ‘Equal Force’ of Love Will Defeat ‘Phenomenon’ Trump

Tuesday during CNN’s post-Democratic debate analysis programming, 2020 presidential hopeful Marianne Williamson said only a “moral uprising of the American people” will defeat President Donald Trump.

Williamson said, “We’ve never dealt with a figure like this in American history before. This man, our president, is not just a politician — he’s a phenomenon. And an insider political game will not be able to defeat it.”

She continued, “The only thing that will defeat him is if we have a phenomenon of equal force. That phenomenon is a moral uprising of the American people. People laugh at the idea that love has political power. I don’t know how anybody could say that after looking at Gandhi and the Indian Independence Movement or Dr. King and the Civil Rights Movement. But if you look at terrorism and you look at Nazism, clearly hatred has a lot to do with what unfolds politically. We need an emotional and psychological uprising among people who have been so chronically disengaged from the political process. And a conversation only about wonkiness and intellectual analysis, the part of the brain that intellectually analyzes an issue is not the same part of the brain that decides who to vote for.”

She added, “He tapped into racism. He taps, it’s not just what he did it’s what he’s continuing to do, racism, bigotry, homophobia, antisemitism, although he covers it with pro-Israel stuff, xenophobia. He taps into the worst aspects of the human character. This is what authoritarian, fascist dictators do.”

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