Joe Scarborough: ‘Fat Bastard’ Trump a ‘Demagogue,’ ‘Mussolini-like’

Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” host Joe Scarborough lamented that Democrats did not look capable of taking on President Donald Trump in the 2020 campaign with a more aggressive approach.

Scarborough likened Trump’s demeanor to that of the “Fat Bastard” character from the “Austin Powers” movies.

“Did you see the ‘Austin Powers movies?” Scarborough said. “He sort of reminded me at times of Fat Bastard. At times he was looking at the audience. It’s a character. It’s a character. It’s a character in ‘Austin Powers.’ And he’s sniffing, and he’s looking around, and he said, thank you, thank you. I thought he was going to say, get into my stomach at one point . . . This is a guy — he is, as David Brooks said this morning in The New York Times, this is a guy, is a force, and the only way the Democrats are going to beat him is with an equal force.”

The “Morning Joe” co-host compared that demeanor to the Democrats on the stage in the last debate and concluded that the opposition party was not up to taking it to a “higher level.”

“The thing that last night’s rally showed — and it was a great — I think it was a great comparison with what the Democrats were doing. It showed that here was a guy that strutted across the stage,” he said. “He was — he was being a demagogue. I would say Mussolini-like. Just picking at racial resentments constantly. And then you go like the previous two nights, and you have Democrats going, ‘Well you know, I have looked at subsection three of page 487 of your Medicare for all plan, and I fear that after the third deductible, that the coverage may not be as satisfactory if you are in Medicare zone three instead of Medicare zone one. Of course, of course, you have to weigh that with a Brookings Instit…’  I could go on all night because the Democrats went on all night.”

“There’s not a Democrat on the stage that understands how to take it to a higher level, that understands the bigger things,” Scarborough added.

(h/t Newsbusters)

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