MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ Slams Trump for ‘Morally Reprehensible’ Elijah Cummings Tweet

As MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” came to a conclusion on Friday, two panelists took a couple of parting shots at President Donald Trump in response to his tweet about Rep. Elijah Cummings’ (D-MD) Baltimore home reportedly being burglarized following the two sparring earlier in the week over the state of Baltimore with Cummings representing the area.

Associated Press White House reporter Jonathan Lemire read the tweet aloud, saying it sounds like a “sarcastic comment” and as if Trump is “gloating.”

“[I]t seems as if the president is gloating about something that happened to Cummings’ home, which goes to show you once again there are very few lines that he is not willing to cross when it comes to trying to score points against his political enemies and how he wants to make the fate of urban cities, Democratic-controlled cities, part of his reelection campaign,” Lemire stated.

MSNBC commentator Elise Jordan then sounded off on the tweet, calling it “disgusting” and “morally reprehensible.”

“I just can’t deal with it, Joe,” Jordan told host Joe Scarborough. “What kind of human being rejoices over someone’s home getting robbed? It is absolutely disgusting that this man is the president of the United States and the Republicans are standing behind this kind of morally reprehensible rhetoric that is an ongoing, minute by minute occurrence.”

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