Joy Reid to 2020 Democrats: You’re Not Running Against Obama – Debating Healthcare Details Won’t Help You Win

On Saturday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” host Joy Reid told the 2020 Democratic presidential candidates that “fighting with each other about the details of your healthcare plans” won’t help them beat President Trump and that they aren’t running against former President Obama.

After referencing President Obama’s “Yes we can” speech, Reid said, “Democrats, and I mean this as tough love, fighting with each other about the details of your healthcare plans is not going to help you beat Donald Trump. Mayor Pete is right that Trump and his party are going to call all of your healthcare bills socialism. They’re going to call all of you open borders Communists. Keep your eyes on the job. The house is on fire. Tell us what this president has done to set the house on fire, and how you are going to put it out.”

After playing a clip of Trump speaking, Reid stated, “Democrats, you are running against that, not against the presidency or the record of Barack Obama.”

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