NBC Guest Eddie Glaude: ‘We’re in a Cold Civil War’ Fueled by Trump’s Language

Friday on NBC’s “Meet the Press” Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, Jr. commented on the two mass shootings and described the current state of affairs as a “cold civil war.”

Glaude said, “So it’s one thing for people to recognize we have a white nationalist problem. That’s important. We weren’t there a year ago. We weren’t there a couple of months ago. This is important. It’s important for us to understand the kind of continuity, the line, the connection. What does it mean to have a discourse in which people are dehumanized? Where you use a phrase like ‘illegal immigrant.’ Or the phrase itself places that person outside of a certain kind of sense of empathy and decency. What happens when we use language like ‘infestation.’ Children. You use this governor carrying perhaps disease across the border. What happens? You set the stage for people who are morally extreme to act violently. We’re in a cold civil war. We’re in a cold civil war. There’s some people who bear the burden of it.”

He added, “We have children in El Paso right now, right, who just witnessed their family members, their friends shot down because somebody thinks there’s a Hispanic invasion of the country which is almost exact same language of the president of the United States.”

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