Kellyanne Conway: Media ‘Driving Themselves Crazy’

During Thursday’s “The Hugh Hewitt Show,” Kellyanne Conway, counselor to President Donald Trump, sounded off on the state of mainstream media.

Conway first criticized The New York Times for changing a factual positive headline about Trump after getting blasted by the “angry Twitter mob,” then said members of the media are “driving themselves crazy” with the constant outrage.

“I think there’s way too much of an expectation by people who have on their political armor, that members of the media are going to be partisan one way or the other,” she explained.

“[P]eople who are addicted to outrage are driving the media crazy,” host Hugh Hewitt stated. “I think the media is extremely stressed right now.”

“I think they’re driving themselves crazy, too,” Conway replied. “And everybody, you know, people keep saying lower the tone, take a step back. We’re doing that. I mean, I work on a lot of issues that are bipartisan in nature, as do my colleagues at the White House and across the administration, certainly.”

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