Gaetz Warns Pirro on ‘Australia’s Solution’ on Guns — ‘You Know Who Did What Australia Did? Venezuela’

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Justice,” Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) took on host Jeanine Pirro over the proposed gun legislation awaiting the U.S. Senate’s consideration, which has already passed the House of Representatives.

Pirro, who was broadcasting from Sydney, touted the results from the Australians efforts on gun control.

“I’m in Australia, they don’t have problems like this,” she said. “This is starting to be a uniquely American situation. I am a gun owner and strong Second Amendment person.”

The Florida Republican congressman protested Australia’s solution and compared that to gun control in Venezuela.

“Nobody would suggest in the United States we would want Australia’s solution,” Gaetz replied.” They confiscated all the guns. Do you know who did what Australia did? Venezuela. We need more of what Senator Graham discussed, red flag laws and federal support for communities who want to do that.”

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