Beto on Trump’s Jewish Disloyalty Comments: ‘What You Might See in the Third Reich’

Thursday on the campaign trail, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful former Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-TX) described President Donald Trump’s comments about Jewish people voting for Democrats as “what you might see in the Third Reich.”

O’Rourke said, “So this is additional cruelty, another attack on immigrants from a president who has attacked them from the moment he descended the escalator in the Trump Tower, declaring his candidacy for this office, warning about rapists and criminals, which is the way that he described immigrants, and trying to stoke and stir up fear and violence which we have seen perpetrated against them throughout this country. This is another step towards greater humiliation and greater suffering.”

He added, “I can think of nothing more un-American, more resonant with what you might see in the Third Reich than what the President said. And if we’re unwilling to see this for what it is, if we’re unwilling to call it out, if we’re unwilling to act, then we’re going to lose this country. We got to wake up to this war, or we’re going to die in our sleep as a country, and that’s what’s happening right now.”

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