Karen Finney: Biden’s Gaffes Take Away Our ‘Trump Is a Liar’ Argument

Friday on CNN, former Hillary Clinton presidential campaign spokeswoman Karen Finney said 2020 presidential hopeful former Vice President Joe Biden’s gaffes on the campaign trail, which included his recent blending of three separate stories into a single fictional story about an Afghan war hero, make it hard to go after President Donald Trump on lying.

Finney said, “There is a lot of this stuff that we follow very closely where I think it is nuance and people are maybe following it that closely. What you said though, the problem becomes when it is a pattern. And then people are asking themselves well did he forget, was he embellishing? In a general election I worry about is when you are going up against a man who lies prolifically all of the time, I would worry that it would take away one of our best arguments as Democrats against Trump.”

She added, “If I have to worry about how I’m going to correct misstatements on our side, it makes it harder then to make the argument, well the president is a liar.”

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