CNBC’s Jim Cramer: ‘I Think the Only People Talking About a Recession Is Us’

Thursday on CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” network host Jim Cramer argued the U.S. economy gave it leverage over China in the trade dispute between the two nations.

Cramer told host Joe Kernan that the only ones talking about a recession as a result of the trade war with the Chinese were them in the media.

“I think President Trump is set in his ways because he doesn’t see any weakening,” Cramer said. “I mean, look at the jobless report today. I mean, someone earlier said manufacturing was in recession. Well, manufacturing has been in recession in this country for ages. What I’m surprised at is how strong the consumer is. I think that the Chinese still need it more than we do. I know when I say that, everyone just is, ‘But wait a second, that’s a nice bias that you’re showing.’ It’s statistical. I think our economy is very strong.”

“If we got the Fed to lower rates to where the bond market says it should be, then I really wouldn’t be worried about a recession,” he added. “I think the only people talking about a recession is us.”

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