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Analysts Fear Looming Italian Bank Failure

As if the immigration crisis and ever more strained relationship with Brussels weren’t enough, now Italians have to face the specter of a major bank failure that analysts say could utterly cripple Italy’s financial structure.

The new 50 EURO banknote is presented at the European Central Bank, ECB in Frankfurt/Main, Germany, on July 5, 2016. / AFP / DANIEL ROLAND (Photo credit should read DANIEL ROLAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Disney Alligator and Terrorist Attack May Trigger Florida Recession

Tourism may suffer serious damage in Florida after a seven-to-eight-foot alligator dragged a two-year-old toddler off a Disney World hotel beach as parents furiously fought to save him. The attacked followed just two days after an Orlando terrorist attack.


Yelp Loses 4 Stars: Stock Down 50%, CFO Out

Yelp! stock became the latest Silicon Valley darling in the week before Valentine’s Day to tank by double-digits, as big investors retaliated for the 50 percent stock drop since December by forcing the company’s CFO to resign.

Yelp NYSE (Richard Drew / Associated Press)

Exclusive — Donald Trump: America Is Currently in a ‘Jobs Recession,’ when ‘Bubble’ Pops ‘It’s Going To Be Ugly’

MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Billionaire and national 2016 GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump pushed back on the notion put forth by President Barack Obama that America is doing well economically. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Friday, Trump laid out how he believes the United States is currently in another recession—something that proves President Obama’s economic policies have failed, as have those of his GOP enablers in Congress.

<> on July 25, 2015 in Oskaloosa, Iowa.

U.S. Economy Stalls, as Only Elites See Income Gains

The U.S. economy hit stall speed as growth shriveled to just 0.7 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015, with strong personal income growth concentrated in a small number of elite American communities.

The Associated Press

‘China Is in an Industrial Recession,’ Tony Nash Explains

International financial analyst Tony Nash said China was “clearly in an industrial recession,” posing increasing risk to financial markets around the globe. “What you have in China right now is a lot of overcapacity within the industrial sector,” Nash, Global Vice President of Delta Economics told Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon. “China is clearly in an industrial recession and markets are simply catching up to that.”

An investor sits in front of a screen showing stock market movements in a stock firm in Fuyang, east China's Anhui province on January 4, 2016. Trading on the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges was ended early on January 4 after shares fell seven percent, the first time China's new …

The Gig Economy Appears to Be Growing– Here’s Why

With the rise of Uber, Airbnb, and TaskRabbit, there’s a sinking suspicion that the traditional 9-5 job is being replaced by flexible, independent contract work. But, despite the existence of multiple billion-dollar Silicon Valley startups hiring an army of independent contract workers, economists have had difficulty finding any evidence that Americans were more likely to be self-employed.