Dem Sen. Coons on Trump Taliban Negotiations: ‘We Have a Monty Hall President’

Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) weighed in on the now-canceled meeting between President Donald Trump and Taliban leadership at Camp David.

Coons admitted he supports continuing negotiations with the Taliban, but criticized the president for acting “whimsically” in his deal-making, saying Trump is a “Monty Hall president.”

“I will support the idea of continuing to negotiate with the Taliban, but bringing them to Camp David without having an agreement in place that is a durable cease-fire and without having a clear commitment to have the Afghan government, the elected government and President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan in that meeting is just a reminder of how at times this administration’s decisions on really important, symbolic issues like that happen at the last second whimsically,” Coons explained.

He continued, “We have a Monty Hall president who thinks he can make a deal with just about anybody and doesn’t listen to his diplomats and his generals. Camp David is a place where major peace agreements have been concluded, but after years of work and with real clarity in advance about exactly what is going to happen at that conversation, that’s not what was going on here. This was a fairly last-second decision that came apart just as quickly.”

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