Warren on Trump: ‘This Man Is Dangerous and We Need a New President’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called President Donald Trump “dangerous” while making her case for her candidacy.

Maddow asked, “The EPA is going to say that California can no longer set a fuel standard for cars they’re going to say the Trump administration trumps anything they want to do in that regard. What do you say about that?”

Warren said, “The urgency on climate change cannot be overstated. A warming planet threatens every living thing, and so we’re running out of runway on this. So the direction we need to be going, obviously, is to have tougher emission standards, and in fact, I think we have to go way beyond that. I very much support what Governor Inslee proposed when he said we’re going to use our regulatory tools here. And we can do this by 2028, no more carbon emission from new buildings and homes. By 2030, we’re not doing any more cars that have any emissions, and by 2025, we’re going to produce electricity, none of it with emissions. It all has to be green and renewable. Think about that, because that would reduce our carbon, just those three things, by about 70%. And that’s a powerful step in the right direction.”

She continued, “I also have a green manufacturing plant where we invest heavily in the science and technology and then produce about 1.2 million new green manufacturing jobs here in America, good union jobs. And then we take that technology all around the world because even if America cleans up, we’re only about 20% of the problem. So we have to think of this globally that’s the direction we need to be going as a world leader instead Donald Trump is trying to pull us in the opposite direction, and the irrationality of this one, the danger that this man poses, it’s like every day you think.”

“OK, that’s as low as it can go, and it goes lower,” she continued. “This is one of them. This is something that not even the industry is asking for and yet it seems to me — I mean, this is just how I read it from the outside, because President Obama tried to help make it cleaner, tried to help strengthen those emissions standards because California, which is not friendly to Donald Trump, is the one trying to clean up its own air and water, that that just means he wants to somehow prove that he’s the biggest guy and he can prove it by trying to break everything. This man is dangerous, and we need a new president.”

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