Carlson: Democratic Party ‘Looks Like an Alliance Between’ the Women’s Studies Department at Oberlin, a Group of Unscrupulous Retired Intel Officials

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” host Tucker Carlson walked viewers through the history of the Central Intelligence Agency and remarked on how it seemed to be growing increasingly out of control.

After evaluating the modern CIA, Carlson played reactions by numerous media personalities and elected officials regarding President Donald Trump and “whistleblower” allegations that he pressured the Ukraine government to procure dirt on his political opponents.


“They’re saying issues are now irrelevant. Impeachment is all that matters,” he said. “Whatever happened to the Democratic Party? It used to be the party of working people, the fabled big tent. But increasingly the party looks like an alliance between the women’s studies department at Oberlin and a group of unscrupulous retired intel officials.”

“The party is both flaky and authoritarian,” Carlson continued. “That’s a rotten combination, both for the party and for the country. For 230 years, America has been a republic with an elected president. Over time, it’s worked pretty well. But now, without a single vote being held, bureaucrats in Washington are changing that. They want a new form of government, where America’s real rulers are unelected hacks in the intelligence agencies in Washington. They’ve been fighting for this openly, since before the Trump presidency even began.”

Carlson described the efforts by intelligence officials as an “administrative coup d’etat” and warned the group wanted to make future elections not matter.

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